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Penalty for Drunk driving in Dubai

The Federal Law No.21 of the 1995 Concerning Traffic, is the rule that contains all the sections and sub-sections that decide the penalty for drunk driving cases.

  • Article No.10.6 of this law advises all drivers to stay away from driving when they are under the influence of alcoholic beverages, wine, narcotic substance, or anything similar to these.
  • According to Article No. 49.6 of the Traffic Law, when a driver is caught driving (or attempting to drive) when he is under the influence of alcohol, narcotic substances or similar substances, he can be imprisoned and asked to pay a minimum fine of AED 20,000.
  • According to Article No.59.3 of the Traffic Law, a driver driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances can also be arrested under the charges mentioned in this article. His vehicle can be confiscated for around 60 days and he will earn 23 black points.
  • The driver’s driving license can be suspended for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum period of 2 years.

Hence a better option is to hire a safe driver dubai to get home safely and comfortably.

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