We Are Comfort Drive

What Do We Do ?

Started initially as a safe driver company but we now offer corporate and personal drivers, designated drivers, valet parking assistance, and more. Our prices are the cheapest despite the fact that our services are the best and it is not just what we say, but what all our old clients had to say and still say the same. Try us to make your ride a memorable, safe, secured, easy and comfy one, now.

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To make the roads of Dubai safer by providing experienced drivers to the people whenever they need them. By providing designated drivers we believe we are ensuring towards making Dubai a safer place to drive.


Established in early 2016 as a designated driver service or most popularly known as safe driver service in Dubai with an objective to ensure a safer Dubai.


We aim at providing premier chauffeur services to the residents of UAE and become a company that people can rely on for their transportation needs. We hope to offer our services in all of the Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries in the coming future.


The primary duty of our driver service is to meet every customer’s specific and generic requirements. We take every single client with sheer seriousness and always make certain there are no problems in our way to reach instructed destinations . We hope to offer a safe, secured, comfortable and nice ride and delivered on the same and that makes us a standout company in the entire of United Arab Emirates.


Comfort Drive has too many objectives from the point of view of the company and clients of course. But majorly, we have an objective to get each and every single customer to their destination in the safest, easiest and quickest possible ways, located just anywhere in the federation of the 7 emirates.


Our safe drivers are sober,smooth and creative and have been the most integral part of the company since the inception. We time and time again receive piles of positive feedbacks from our service users and certainly a lot of them pertain to the best in class driving aspect. Here are some of the noteworthy features of them, for your information:

  • Dazzling driving skills and well-mannered.
  • Able to communicate fluently
  • A completely comfortable ride is assured every time.
  • Awareness of ins and outs of traffic rules, roads, etc.
  • Highly professional in posture and attitude, with a respectable dress.
  • Privacy of customers is taken seriously and that is why we have had none complaints so far on that regard, too.