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    Terms & Conditions

    “Service” refers to the driver/chauffeur service rendered by us.
    “Driver” refers to the driver/chauffeur employed by us.
    “Vehicle” shall refer to the car/vehicle of the customer.

    • The customer agrees that his vehicle is insured.

    • • In case of an accident, customer's car insurance should cover the risk and our driver shall arrange to procure an accident report from the UAE police authorities on customer's behalf. If there is a red paper accident, we will cover all the repairs.

    • The customer agrees that he/she will not mistreat the driver in any way that could threaten the life of both the driver and the customer.

    • • In case of vehicle breakdowns, our driver will contact recovery so you can provide instructions and/or make alternative arrangements.

    • The driver’s obligation is limited to driving the customer to his proposed destination specified on the invoice/contract using the customer's vehicle.

    • Our maximum liability shall be limited to the refund of the fare.

    • The customer agrees that in order to ensure safety of the customer and the driver on the road. He/she will not create any distractions that may compromise the safety of the journey.

    • We reserve the right to change the prices of the journey whether or not it is notified. In an event where the customer cancels or changes the booking within less than 2.5 hours of the agreed time then he is liable for a charge.

    • The customer approves of receiving a call/SMS from us regarding the service.

    • We assume no liability for fire, theft, losses or damage of any personal belonging in any case. In no event will we assume liability for damage or injury sustained through faulty brakes of poor condition of the customer's vehicle.

    • In case of vehicle breakdown during the journey or en-route to customer destination, the chauffeur will try to make alternative arrangements at the Company's discretion. Refund may not be made for the uncompleted portion.

    • It’s the duty of the customer to keep a lookout for the Driver at the booked collection point.